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Mount Oksen

Mount Oksen

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  1. Folgefonna: day hikes to to the border of the national park


    In Ullensvang there are trails going to the border of the national park.

    From Reiseter to the national park: from this trail you have a great view to the Folgefonna glacier, and also to the Hardangerfjord.

    Season: July…

  2. Fruit Trail


    5781, Lofthus

    Fruit Trail. Easy walks among fruit orchards

    Starting point  The Fruit Trail is accessible from many places: Lofthus Camping, Hotel Ullensvang, Ullensvang Gjesteheim, Hardanger Youth Hostel, and from supermarket in Lofthus.

    About the trip …

  3. H M Queen Sonja’s Panoramic Hiking Trail


    5780, Kinsarvik

    The Queen's Trail from Kinsarvik The Queen’s Trail takes you high up to the top of the landscape of the fjords, from where there are several points with stunning views: Hardangervidda National Park, Folgefonna National Park, and the Hardanger Fjord…

  4. Hardanger Bridge: on foot or on wheels


    The Hardanger Bridge is among the longest suspension bridges in the world.

    It is easy to walk or bicycle across the bridge. The view to the fjord landscape is great from the bridge. Wheelchairs and baby strollers can also do this, though the…

  5. Hardangervidda: Day hikes at the border of the national park


    There are several trails leading from the Hardangerfjord to Hardangervidda National Park. The scenery along these trails is often spectacular with great fjord view and waterfalls. Here are some trails:

    Husedalen is a valley with four big…

  6. Hardangervidda: Day trip by car


    Drive National Toursit Route Hardangervidda  and enjoy the scenery of the vast Hardangervidda high mountain plateau comfortably in your car. The highest point of the road is Dyranut, about 1250 meters above sea level. One kilometer east of Dyranut,…

  7. Hardangervidda: five-day hike



    This is a good multple days hike with many highlights. The first day takes you through Husedalen, the valley with the four big waterfalls. Mount Hårteigen, close to to Torehytta mountain…

  8. Hardangervidda: four-day hike «Best in the West»



    This is a four day’s hike taking you through the beautiful Hardangervidda West. On the route are the top attractions in the western part of Hardangervidda:…

  9. Hardangervidda: three-day hike


    Kinsarvik-Husedalen-Stavali-Hadlaskard/Hedlo/Viveli-Øvre Eidfjord

    This is one of the classic Hardangervidda routes. Starting in Kinsarvik the first day goes through the beautiful Husedalen, the valley with four big waterfalls. First overnight…

  10. Kinsarvik: Husedalen, to all four waterfalls


    Husedalen, to all four waterfalls


    See description ”Husedalen, to the first of four majestic waterfalls”, for how to reach the first waterfall, Tveitafossen.


    Start: Tveitafiossen

    End: Søtefossen

    Parking: by bridge crossing…

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