Mount Oksen

Mount Oksen

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  1. Agatunet-Linde


    5776, Nå

    Location: Aga

    Grading: Green - easy

    Distance: Approximately 6 km

    Time: 3-5 hrs

    Altitude: Between 40 and 250 AMSL

    Start: Agatunet open air museum

    This walk is in a landscape rich in history and full of contrasts. Here are…

  2. Biking: Fjord Route Oksen Peninsula



    Park close to the picnic area at Bu close to the Hardangerbridge. From the picnic area there is a road for pedestrians and bicycles down to the bridge, and across. The fjord view from the bridge is great. At…

  3. Biking: National Tourist Route Hardanger



    Road 550 between Utne and Jondal is part of National Tourist Route Hardanger. It is a quiet road taking you through a scenic landscape on the banks of the Hardangerfjord, past many fruit orchards. The distance from Utne to…

  4. Hardangervidda: two-day hike



    This is a two day’s hike where you see the dramatic changes in landscape from fjord and valley to high mountain. From Kinsarvik a trail marked by the Norwegian Trekking Association takes you through Husedalen,…

  5. HM Queen Sonja’s panoramic hiking trail


    5780, Kinsarvik

    HM Queen Sonja of Norway is a passionate mountain hiker, and this is one of her favorite hikes in the Hardangerfjord region. The trail is in the high mountains between Kinsarvik and Lofthus and offers magnificent fjord views.

  6. Oksen


    5734, Vallavik

    Steep hike to Mount Oksen 1241 masl.

    From the top of  Mount Oksen you get the best view in Hardanger. See fjords and mountains, like Samlafjorden, Sørfjorden, Eidfjorden, Granvinsfjorden, and the mountain areas of Voss and Hardanger. Most…

  7. Tveisme: Tveismedalen


    Through the Tveisme valley to a view point.

      Start: Tveisme


    End: By the cairn at the top pf the valley


    Parking: at a little sales spot south of Tveisme.


    Track marking: marked by local volunteers


  8. Lofthus: River Valley


    River Valley: Dramartic nature easily accessible.

    Start: This trail can be combined with other trails, but description here is from the bridge about 1 km from the youth hostel (see Fruit Trail).

    End: Round trip, about 3.5 km

    Parking: by…

  9. Aga: The Avalanche Trail from Aga to Reiseter


    “Skredløypa”- The Avalanche Trail from Aga to Reiseter

    This is a trail going through typical West-Norwegian farmland, with view to the Hardangerfjord, mountains and Folgefonna glacier. The natural landscape is beautiful, but also merciless.…

  10. Folgefonna: by car


    Drive National Tourist Route Hardanger to Jondal. From Jondal there is a little road (Rv 205) going all the way up to the glacier. The road is normally open from May to September. It is 19 km long, starting at fjord level, ending at about 1,200 masl…

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