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  1. Add Aga Sideri to your Itinerary

    Aga Sideri


    Aga 73
    5776, Nå

    Aga Sideri is idyllically located on an apple farm between the high mountains in beautiful Sørfjorden. In an ideal climate for apple cultivation, Joar Aga grows, presses and converts apples into noble cider drops. The cider from Aga Sideri is…

  2. Helleland Gard, cider farm


    Hellelandsvegen 141
    5781, Lofthus

    The farm Helleland Gard is located in Lofthus, a part of Norway's largest orchard. The farm has been in the same family since 1684. Today they produce "Heldre Sider og Saft" - apple cider and apple juice.

    In the farm shop, they offer their own…

  3. Add Syse Gard to your Itinerary

    Syse Gard


    Syse Gard
    Apalvegen 104
    5730, Ulvik

    Syse Gard is a family-run traditional farm. Gro and Hans, who is the fifth generation to operate the farm and ecomuseum, process and sell lamb meat according to old traditions (salt and smoked).

    In the farm shop you will find something for…

  4. Add Alde cider to your Itinerary

    Alde cider


    Indre Bleie
    5776, Nå

    Surrounded by steep mountains, the Hardangerfjord and the Folgefonna glacier, Alde Sider is idyllically located on Bleie farm in Sørfjorden. The juice and cider producer, which in 2018 was awarded the best in Norway, sells the noble drops from both…

  5. Add Edel Cider, Åkre Farm to your Itinerary

    Edel Cider, Åkre Farm


    Garden Åkre
    5776, Nå

    Situated on the west side of the Sørfjorden in Ullensvang, with a perfect location for growing the tasty Hardanger apples, you’ll find the farm Åkre Gard. Fruit has been grown here for eight generations. In recent years, the current generation has…

  6. Add Hardangergutane to your Itinerary



    Ullensvangvegen 1525
    5773, Hovland

    Surrounded by fjords, glaciers and steep mountains, you will find Hardangergutane and their farm on Sekse in Sørfjorden. Not far from there, in the old fruit store on Børve, they make apple juice and cider from local quality apples. The two brothers…

  7. Add Kjerland Gardsbutikk to your Itinerary

    Kjerland Gardsbutikk


    Kjerlandsvegen 43
    5736, Granvin

    Come for a nice shopping experience in this unique farm shop. It is situated in the yard of a farm with sheep and fruit production. The shop stocks a range of traditional foods, including vegetables, fruits, berries, meat and bakery products.

  8. Add Spar Jondal to your Itinerary

    Spar Jondal


    Belsnesvegen 5
    5627, Jondal

    Down at the pier in beautiful Jondal, about 30 minutes drive from the Folgefonna glacier, you will find Spar Jondal. The store is renowned for its good service and selection of food, drinks, and goods.

    If you prefer Pizza takeaway after a long…

  9. Add Tunet på Haugen to your Itinerary

    Tunet på Haugen


    Lægreidsvegen 13
    5783, Eidfjord

    Farm shop and café with mainly organic food. Homemade bakery goods and local meat for sale. For groups: restaurant in a traditional building. The signature dish is pit cooked meat.

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