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  1. Add Folgefonna Glacier Center to your Itinerary

    Folgefonna Glacier Center


    Folgefonnvegen 1830
    5627, Jondal

    Experience the new tourism icon on top of the Folgefonna glacier! The new Folgefonna Glacier Center, with its unique architectural design, is located just a stone's throw away from the glacier itself.

  2. Add Hardanger Maritime Museum to your Itinerary

    Hardanger Maritime Museum


    Postboks 53
    5601, Norheimsund

    Family friendly maritime museum emphasizing activities and open workshops. You will experience ropemaking, forging and wooden boat building. You can make wooden figures, make ropes, build small boats and learn about knots. Hire a traditional wooden…

  3. Add Kraftmuseet to your Itinerary



    Naustbakken 7
    5770, Tyssedal

    The beautiful power station at the fjord is a monument of the hydropower adventure that started in 1906. Today it is a museum with guided tours, films and exhibits. Museum shop and cafe. Tailored programs for groups, meetings and seminars…

  4. Add Kvinnherad Church to your Itinerary

    Kvinnherad Church


    Bjørkesvegen 26
    5470, Rosendal

    Kvinnherad Church, also known as the Kvinnherad Cathedral, is by many regarded as one of the most beautiful medieval churches in Norway. The stone church, which was built around the year 1250, and has been one of four main churches in Hordaland.…

  5. Add Norsk Natursenter Hardanger to your Itinerary

    Norsk Natursenter Hardanger


    5784, Øvre Eidfjord

    An exciting experience centre for Norwegian nature, climate and environment with thematic exhibits covering 3 floors. In the cinema you can see the panoramic film “Fjord-Mountain- Waterfall” produced by Ivo Caprino, 20 thrilling minutes on a…

  6. Add Rosendal Stone Park to your Itinerary

    Rosendal Stone Park


    Kyrkjevegen 128
    5470, Rosendal

    The stone park is suitable for both children and adults. Between boulders from the region, worked on by the sculptor Bård Breivik and the mason Rolf Karlsen, you´ll find picnic areas, water wheels, and ponds. You will learn about life on earth,…

  7. Add Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall to your Itinerary

    Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall


    Mo ved Steinsdalen
    5600, Norheimsund

    One of the most popular waterfalls in Norway. The Steinsdalsfossen has a fall of 50 m and is special because you can walk safe and dry behind it. The fall occured in 1699 when the river changed course. There is a footpath from the car park up to and…

  8. Add Steinstø Frukt og Kakebu to your Itinerary

    Steinstø Frukt og Kakebu


    5612, Steinstø

    Stop and taste the probably best apple pie in the world at Steinstø Frukt- og Kakebu on FV 79. Enjoy home-baked produce or snacks while enjoying the view of the Hardangerfjord towards the Folgefonna glacier. Choose from a selection of home-produced…

  9. Add The Goldfish Lake to your Itinerary

    The Goldfish Lake


    5610, Øystese

    You can feed “goldfi sh” here! The goldfi sh in question are Ide, released into Skårsvatnet in 1914. Good picnic and bathing area. Featured on NRK - Norsk attraksjon 2009 (Norwegian attraction 2009). The Goldfish Lake, or Skårsvatnet, is 5 km from…

  10. Add The Olav H. Hauge Centre to your Itinerary

    The Olav H. Hauge Centre


    Promenaden 7
    5730, Ulvik

    The Hauge Centre is beautifully situated on the quay by the fjord in Ulvik. You will get to know the works and life of the great poet, and you may discover poetry in many varieties in new and exciting ways. There are exhibits, a library of poetry, a…

  11. Add Vøringsfossen to your Itinerary



    5785, Vøringsfoss

    The best-known waterfall in Norway. See vast quantities of water plunge 182 m from the Hardangervidda plateau into the Måbødalen valley. Spectacular viewing platforms near Fossli Hotel 1 km from route 7 Norwegian Scenic Route Hardangervidda.…

  12. Add Agatunet to your Itinerary



    5776, Nå

    Agatunet is one of the few remaining and the largest listed historic hamlet in Norway. It consists of 45 listed houses, the oldest from the Middle Ages, and ten associated boathouses.

    The main building is the Lagmannstova, the oldest documented…

  13. Add Alde cider to your Itinerary

    Alde cider


    Indre Bleie
    5776, Nå

    Surrounded by steep mountains, the Hardangerfjord and the Folgefonna glacier, Alde Sider is idyllically located on Bleie farm in Sørfjorden. The juice and cider producer, which in 2018 was awarded the best in Norway, sells the noble drops from both…

  14. Add Baroniet Rosendal to your Itinerary

    Baroniet Rosendal


    5486, Rosendal

    The only barony in Norway is in Rosendal, and the Manor House from 1665 is the smallest of its kind in Scandinavia. Visiting Baroniet Rosendal is a time travel through changing eras, with rooms and interiors created by the owners for 250 years. The…

  15. Add Edel Cider, Åkre Farm to your Itinerary

    Edel Cider, Åkre Farm


    Garden Åkre
    5776, Nå

    Situated on the west side of the Sørfjorden in Ullensvang, with a perfect location for growing the tasty Hardanger apples, you’ll find the farm Åkre Gard. Fruit has been grown here for eight generations. In recent years, the current generation has…

  16. Add Folgefonn centre to your Itinerary

    Folgefonn centre


    Skålafjæro 17
    5470, Rosendal

    The Folgefonn centre opened in 2017. It is a centre for learning about Folgefonna National Park, life in the Hardangerfjord, the global cycle of water and climate changes. There are 18 interactive stations and in the auditorium you can see 4…

  17. Add Galleri G Guddal to your Itinerary

    Galleri G Guddal


    Guddalsvegen 181
    5472, Seimsfoss

    At the beautiful Guddal farm 5 km south of Rosendal there is an art gallery with a café and rooms for hire. The farm has a long and interesting history, and was awarded the “Olavsrosa” from Norwegian Cultural Heritage in 1993. Gøril Guddal…

  18. Add Hardanger Folk Museum to your Itinerary

    Hardanger Folk Museum


    5778, Utne

    Regional museum for Hardanger, exhibiting Hardanger embroidery, traditional costumes and Norway’s largest collection of old Hardanger fiddles. Temporary art exhibitions. Open air museum with historic buildings and land art. Museum shop and cafe.…

  19. Add Kabuso Art Centre to your Itinerary

    Kabuso Art Centre


    Hardangerfjordvegen 626
    5610, Øystese

    Kabuso has temporary exhibitions, concerts and other arrangements through the year. The art installation Hardanger Skyspace by the American artist James Turrell gives you a magic light experience. The ingegrigt Vik museum houses a fine collection of…

  20. Add Furebergsfossen to your Itinerary



    5476, Mauranger

    The Furebergfossen waterfall is situated along route 551 between Årsnes and Sunndal. The waterfall flows under the road and directly into the Maurangerfjord, and arm of the Hardangerfjord. The waterfall follows the steep mountain side towards the…

  21. Add Hardangergutane to your Itinerary



    Ullensvangvegen 1525
    5773, Hovland

    Surrounded by fjords, glaciers and steep mountains, you will find Hardangergutane and their farm on Sekse in Sørfjorden. Not far from there, in the old fruit store on Børve, they make apple juice and cider from local quality apples. The two brothers…

  22. Add Røldal Stave Church to your Itinerary

    Røldal Stave Church


    5760, Røldal

    The church was built between 1200 and 1250, and is famous for its healing crucifix still in the church. According to legend it sweats once a year on “Olsok” (July 6th after the Julian calendar), and the sweat has healing power. Røldal was one of the…

  23. Add Hardanger Akvasenter to your Itinerary

    Hardanger Akvasenter


    Hardangerfjordvegen 615
    5610, Øystese

    Hardanger Akvasenter is an informative visitor center for aquaculture. It includes a modern, interactive exhibition in the Hardangerbadet building in Øystese and a floating salmon farm in full production on the Hardangerfjord. The exhibition in…

  24. Add Hardanger Saft - Siderfabrikk to your Itinerary

    Hardanger Saft - Siderfabrikk


    Lekve Gard
    5730, Ulvik

    On his fruit farm Nils Lekve produces apple juice, cider and apple brandy. Both small and large groups can have a guided tour including the production facilities and a taste sampling. Farm restaurant (seating capacity 80) and guided tours for groups…

  25. Add Skredhaugen to your Itinerary



    5781, Lofthus

    Open air museum established by the artist Bernhard Greve. Traditional buildings and interiors from Hardanger. Exhibits of folk art and art. Idyllic yard with goats. Within walking distance from Lofthus.

  26. Add Syse Gard to your Itinerary

    Syse Gard


    Syse Gard
    5730, Ulvik

    Syse Gard is a family-run traditional farm. Gro and Hans, who is the fifth generation to operate the farm and ecomuseum, process and sell lamb meat according to old traditions (salt and smoked).

    In the farm shop you will find something for…

  27. Add Tunet på Haugen to your Itinerary

    Tunet på Haugen


    Lægreidsvegen 13
    5783, Eidfjord

    Farm shop and café with mainly organic food. Homemade bakery goods and local meat for sale. For groups: restaurant in a traditional building. The signature dish is pit cooked meat.

  28. Add Ulvik Frukt & Cideri to your Itinerary

    Ulvik Frukt & Cideri


    Apalvegen 78
    5730, Ulvik

    Ulvik Frukt & Cideri is a family business at Hakastad fruit farm, growing a variety of new and old sorts of apples and producing several kinds of juice and cider. Also morello cherry orchards. Guided tours, juice and cider tasting for groups on…

  29. Add Bondhusvatnet to your Itinerary



    5476, Mauranger

    Bondhusbrea and Bondhusvatnet have been a popular destination since the mid-1800s, and it has not become less popular over the years. Pictures of the photo-friendly glacier water appear more and more frequently on social media, and it is not without…

  30. Add Folgefonna National Park to your Itinerary

    Folgefonna National Park


    5627, Jondal

    Folgefonna National Park was established in 2005 and is one of 42 National Parks in Norway. The Folgefonna glacier is the glacier furthest south in Norway, and the third largest. In the National Park and its surrounding areas there is a wide range…

  31. Add Hardanger Art Gallery to your Itinerary

    Hardanger Art Gallery


    5628, Herand

    At Mælen farm, the artist Arne Bakke Mælen has built a modern gallery and workshop in traditional building style. Observe the contrast between modern design and old traditions in spectacular surroundings. The Gallery is also available for courses…

  32. Add Hardangervidda National Park to your Itinerary

    Hardangervidda National Park


    5783, Eidfjord

    Hardangervidda National Park is the largest national park in Norway. This vast mountain plateau offers excellent hiking opportunities for both seasoned hikers and recreational hikers.  The national park has a wide network of trails for summer hikes…

  33. Add Låtefoss Waterfall to your Itinerary

    Låtefoss Waterfall


    5750, Odda

    Låtefossen is the main attraction in Oddadalen, also known as "the Valley of Waterfalls". The Låtefossen twin waterfalls were a popular tourist attraction as early as during the 19th century. The 165 m drop waterfall is easily accessible by route 13…

  34. Add National Tourist Routes to your Itinerary

    National Tourist Routes


    5600, Norheimsund

    Scenic roads for exploring Norway’s breathtaking landscapes - comprising selected stretches from north to south. 2 of them are in Hardanger. Route 7 Halne/Hardangervidda –Steinsdalsfossen/Norheimsund. Route 550 Utne – Jondal. Route 13 Kinsarvik -…

  35. Add Private Cruise to your Itinerary

    Private Cruise


    5470, Rosendal

    Enjoy the majestic scenery and experience the Hardangerfjord onboard one of Private Cruise's luxury yachts. They offer exclusive fjord experiences for families and groups. The magnificent yachts, which are based in Stavanger, can be booked for…

  36. Add Sightseeing Eidfjord to your Itinerary

    Sightseeing Eidfjord


    5783, Eidfjord

    2.5 hours roundtrip through dramatic nature by coach. Starting in Eidfjord, stop at Hardangervidda Nature Centre, continue to Vøringsfossen waterfall and return to Eidfjord. Correspondence with Hardangerfjord Sightseeing from the quay in Eidfjord…

  37. Add Waterfalls in the Hardangerfjord region to your Itinerary

    Waterfalls in the Hardangerfjord region


    5600, Norheimsund

    Driving in Hardanger takes you to the waterfalls (“foss” in Norwegian). The most famous are Vøringsfossen in Eidfjord (route 7), Steinsdalsfossen in Norheimsund (route 7) and Låtefoss in Odda (route 13). VØRINGSFOSSEN The best-known waterfall in…

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